Hit Mod


Current Version: 3.0.1
This is for DarkRP

Keep the variable “Testing” as true. (This is not the way it’s supposed to be, but until I fix it, keep it like that)


Known Issues:

  • Doesn’t autorun. (This is making me really mad)



  • Added more skins
  • Adjusted the way skins are used.
  • Fixed when some skins change they fuck up the fonts.

Looks good. What server are you using it on by the way?

Seth’s Semi Serious.

Don’t hate me please.

Do people on face punch oftenly rate people as dumb without stating a reason?
I would like to know why.

Well everyone in FP hates DarkRP… so that sums it up. Also, did anyone feel like the UI of the menu feels like Sethack?

Does anyone know how I can make this work on servers by just dropping it into the addons folder?

or do they have to add it in the gamemode files? like include it or something?

I don’t really like the idea of this kind of addon. It doesn’t do anything to encourage roleplay. If anything, it encourages deathmatching.

Well it encourages you to use the Hit-man job as it makes it much easier for you, and it PREVENTS death matching because it informs admins of your hit as PROOF that you received a hit request.


You couldn’t just send a fake message to the admins?

To be fair, i saw this, and thought it was a comprehensive Hitman system, like the other one out there called Assassin mod.

But it’s more of a menu to remember hits on, so you could simply fill the whole thing and go on a DMing spree.

How do you think I should fix this issue?

Can someone help me set this up on my server?

I was just reading the readme…

How do we keep the hackers out?


This is only when it’s NOT on the server itself.
How else would you run scripts when it’s not included on the server?

What u mean