Hitbox and Physics model apper smaller than actual model


I am Porting a Swimsuit Peach from the Wii Version of Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic games, to Garry’s mod as i have posted a week ago in here in the modeling section of the forums.

It seems i have it almost working, its just the Physics model and the Hitbox seem way smaller than the actual thing, here are 2 pictures of them

Textured view with Hitbox on:


Boneweight view and hitbox


Any help? Feel free to add me on steam if you want to help me with this too!

Looks like there isn’t a phys model set for it.

I thought I did have one, how do I make the physics model? and usually the physics model has a bunch of yellow lines in it but I don’t think this time it did

It’s basically a matter of deleting the joints of the model, leaving sections where the bones would be, and making sure they’re still rigged to the same biped, then you save that as the phys model when you go to export (Reference). I could explain it in more detail if required, and I am assuming this is meant to be a ragdoll.

You are correct i am trying to make it a ragdoll, I am starting over from the model i imported from Brees viewer, i am gonna ask a sepreate question in this sections about the bones when i import it into 3ds max

I was viewing the model in the Garry’s Mod Configuration in the Half Life Model Viewer in Source SDK, I loaded Half-Life 2 into the SDK and then opened The HLMV and the Peach model’s physics model lines were now on her model, but it appears all stretched when spawned in garry’s mod.