Hitbox Draw

I was thinking maybe someone could put together a LUA file that draws a small guy in the bottom right corner
that displays where someone was hit and like maybe gave each limb their own health, Say like you were to get shot 10 times in your arm, at 1-4 shots the arm would be green, at 5-8 shots it would be yellow, and at 8-10 shots it would turn red in a total of each shot doing 10 damage and the arm itself has 100 health.

So the short version, can you make a lua script that generates a little green guy in the buttom right corner that displays where you are hit?

Kinda like the pip boy status screen in fallout 3?

Yeah maybe like you could create a F5 or a different command that you could bind so that its not on the screen the whole time.

Oh and if possible maybe you could make it effect how well you aim, so pretty much like a replica of how it works in fallout 3.