Hitboxes on player models

Is there anyway i can fix the hit boxes for certain player models? Almost every player model i add to my ttt server the hitboxes are off.

Only by recompiling the model I believe.

damn =/

That’s not hitboxes.

Hitboxes are not the reason why you shoot someone in the head in TTT and blood comes out but they take no damage.

This is an issue of lag and clientside prediction.

Most all TTT weapons do not use LagCompensation(). For this reason, when you shoot a bullet clientside there is a good chance that what YOU see and what the SERVER sees are a little unsynced.

So therefore, your client thinks “OH I HIT HIM!” and your client thinks “LET’S MAKE HIS BRAINS INTO WALLPAPER!” but the server is all, “nah dawg you were miles away.”

It’s not hitboxes. It’s lag.
If you want to fix it, get a better server or get a better net connection.

If it’s an actual issue with hitboxes and NOT lag, you can regenerate the hitboxes in the .qc. If it’s almost every playermodel, then it is clientside lag.

How would one regenerate hitboxes? There are legitimately a good amount of playermodels I have tested for my server that I’ve had to remove because nobody could headshot them (ie, person stands still, and multiple times of trying to shoot someone in the head and it only gets minimum damage.) I’d love to be able to have more models that people on my server want, but again and again I have to remove them because the hitboxes are downright terrible.

Hitboxes are part of the individual model, not the gmod skeleton. If the author makes shitty hitboxes then you are out of luck save for decompiling and recompiling after manually fixing them.

You don’t need to call the lag compensation on/off functions if you’re using bullets. They do it automatically. TTT is just badly coded.

Isn’t that a common misconception though? I distinctively remember experimenting with FireBullets and finding out that it actually does not automatically perform lag compensation.

its not lag, like splittykitty said ive tested different player models by standing still and having some1 shoot me in the head multiple times

Try it again, but with lag compensation on.

Disagree all you want, there is no arguing this. Unless garry coded it so if the gamemode is made by me it will automatically compensate firebullets in sweps.

As long as you have the owner and not the weapon shoot the bullets it will be compensated.



A link to an old user-written wiki article does not disprove me.