Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Hey, don’t blame me if this thread exist, the search is down.
But if someone could custom model HHGTTG characters, based on the movie (since the book doesn’t paint too much of a picture suitable to everyone), maybe simple ones like Marvin, Deep Thought, and the Dolphins.


Heads up(lolpun) His head is raised up as he is looking up, he isn’t normally like that.

Deep Thought

Could just be a prop. Couldn’t get a better pic, sorry.


I hope you know what a dolphin is. BTW this is not from the movie.

Zaphod Beeblebrox


Another heads up (oh god why) His head lifts up to reveal another face where his neck should be.

You should put some image references in here, boy. They’re required you know.

Also I think somebody started on Marvin a long time ago. Don’t know what happened to him.

Cool, and hadn’t considered references just in case someone wanted to do their take on the characters.


Wait, why did I say cool? If it’s lost, than that’s no good…


Well, gettin to be that time. Hopefully the search funtion will be back up so I can find this agai… wait, google, derp.

Neato the search is back up!

I fully support this

I want the Deep Thought prop.

Deep Thought is a wondrous idea, and it could be used for so very many things for something that can’t be posed in a unique way, really.

Any modelers interested in doing this?

My name is Madman_Andre and I fully endorse this thread.

On topic, I’d very much like a Marvin ragdoll. Just to shoot it all day.

But then he’d make you see things in his perspective!

Resistance is useless!

Oh the Vogons are so pretty!

Don’t die, damn you!