Hitler from Sniper Elite V2

Just a suggestion, not as much as a request.

Basically, this should tell you all you need to know.



I think it’s about time we get a nicer model in Gmod, for posing purposes and such.



I found an extractor of some sort for the game’s engine. Might be of use if anyone decides to try this out.


Wow Hitler looks pure swag in that leather jacket.

Well it’s like that you get the models out. I got the DLC pack and all the tools that are needed are there : http://facepunch.com/threads/1079779?highlight=

Noesis link doesn’t work but look on google you will find one. The only problem is the plugin for noesis which doesn’t not support the version of Sniper Elite V2 models. I’ve sent a PM to the author and he said he will get some files and adapt it when he has the time. Unless there is a coder here who would try to edit the .dll of the importer

Even if someone gets their hands on the model to rig, his textures will need a huge improvement or maybe the tool doesn’t extract the proper textures

I mean look at this shit

Maybe it’s all about shaders and high poly count?

Or you can use TexMod.

You didn’t use the proper file for textures I guess. They are in the .PC_TEXTURES file. I saw the 1024x1024 ones.

That’s a huge ass facemap

holy shit

wasn’t talking about the facemap but maybe it’s that size, I was talking about the bodies and stuff.

It’s actualy 1024x512

Heres the facemap now (Click it, its much bigger)

Just need to convert the models and we will have some good german officer.

Hitler will be an nice model, better than the old one.
and I support this.

Expect gay gmod videos starring Hitler…

So does anyone know how to mod Sniper Elite on the other hand? I’d love to re-texture player 2’s shit character personally.

Aha I hope someone uses this as a personal skin.

Yeah, I’ve been looking for this, especially since some wanted recreations of that scene in Downfall.

Hi all, im quite interested in this game from a modding perspective, I’ve managed to rip the Hitler textures, but cant seem to find the diffuse? All the lists are colspec and norms. I’m extracting the correct package, as mentioned above, and so have 1024x512 specular and normal maps. So…where the heck are they? I think i have the same problem on most packages, models like trees etc all have diffuse, norm and spec, but all the characters seem to only have spec and norm. Im used to modding, just new to this engine and unpacking it.
All help very appreciated.

Welp Bus if you figure it out let me know, because I’m also interested. I wish they’d give up a developer kit. They clearly care about the pc user since we have 2 modes the console doesn’t. (and free dlc promised)

Instructions are correct as given above. For some reason the .dds plugin for PS wasn’t working correctly so my ripped textures looked odd. Thanks to Jason278 for the help :smiley: