Hitler tank reskin.

Hexed. Default skin is Awesome Reskin variant by DMGaina, also have older shitty texture variants by me, replace if you want.


Me, original idea and basic shitty reskin
DMGaina, awesome skin reskin and little bonus.
Nixux86, hexing all stuff.

Lol awesome stuff

Looks very nice.

I dont know but this just doesn’t seem fitting for the tank… I mean it looks nice but…

This is awesome, and very well done

woops, one default texture droped from archieve, reuploading fixed
sorry :stuck_out_tongue:
fixed, updated OP

Ha, I like how the swastika was branded into his left arm.

All we need now is nazi common infected. :slight_smile:

Fucking radical.

Love it. Nice job Kari! :v:

Damn, I came in here expecting a ms paint mustache and a terribly done swastika added, but damn, this is pretty sexy.

Wow, this is just fucking amazing.


Fixed that for you

all we need is Nazi for zombies and we have NAZI ZOMBIES!

And you all thought that Hitler was dead. WHAT DO YOU SAY NOW?!?

Everybody… to… the… BLOCKHAUS !!!

Awesome job kari !


That svastika looks awesome

Like the svastika on his arm.