Hitman 6 models

Hi everyone.
here’s a pack of some of models that Smug Bastard and me have worked on beginning with this March.
it’s currently still unfinished so some caveats are bound to be present, whether due to content belonging to some other pack(such as agent 47) or just oversights on my part.
they also have no Gmod compatibility yet as it’s a part of porting that comes last, meaning it will be in plans, just not now.
Reason for release is that a new year has come and we’re not close to seeing it released, so he’s something of new year’s present from us.
Another one is that for reasons various we have stopped work on these for the time being so these won’t get updated in quite some time untill time is right again.
There’s also some content that has been created ater the creation of previews(such as TYGER guard jacket) and they won’t be documented until after sufficient update is done.
hope that you enjoy.
Smug Bastard - ripping, texture work where case might require it(almost all the time)
Rev - additional ripping, previews.
Porki da Corgi - reskin of yacht uniform to look like police.
Xentho - previews.
Here’s pictures of what’s in the pack:


f u c k

I think if mashak wants to, he or someone could make a phys model once, and have it be universal to all the models

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but nice, this is a good case of quality and quantity at the same time

Heck yes


Is it possible for it to be uploaded somewhere else? Mega gives me the upload quota exceeded bullshit.

That biker cop uniform is straight out of GTA 5, not unless that was intentional and I missed something

Do you know where I might download these for use in SFM? I’m not sure how FacePunch works so if you have a twitter I’d appreciate it if you could msg me through that rather than this.

My twitter: https://twitter.com/xXMr_SpyXx

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Click the “MEGA” link in the first post. It still seems to work. They can be added to SFM like pretty much any other Source model.

pretty much this, download the pack from mega link, drop them into whatever folder you want.

thanks for share

i can‘t open this MDL file with model converter X why?!!!

how to import this file to 3ds max?

My friend really likes these models and is wondering how this, or any other of your hitman packs is coming along, and whether there is a patreon to donate to. Cheers.

Hi, for now the project is suspended, as we’re awaiting actual tools to work with.

It is possible get at least the Beretta Cougar, please?


The last reply was all of a day ago.

mashak, is it cool if we tell people how to get the models working as is? i’ve been using them lately with a different phys attached and they’re fucking outstanding.

I’ve already done it and posted it in the chat thread of the screenshot section, just slap a .PHY file that has Valve Biped bone names inside the folder with the models, then just copy the name of the .MDL file to the .PHY file and that should work (rename the collision file to match the model’s name). Also keep in mind that this is a pretty dumb and rough method to get these models to work, so expect errors and glitches with the physics as the collision file may have a different rig than the model. Some bodygroups may also crash Gmod too