Hitman: Absolution Characters and models?

I know 47 is out from the Sniper Challenge, but there is nothing besides that. Even his sniper and pistols are not hexed. Is it possible for someone to get characters and npcs, there are so many nice things in the game that I’m surprised have not been made yet.

I would like this as well, but as far as I know, there isn’t really anybody who has been able to rip properly from Absolution.

That’s a shame because the 47 model came out very well, minimal errors and easy to use.

i tried but they come out quite streched and weird, with ninjaripp

Damn. Sad to hear that.

Someone was able to rip 47 in his suit and tie… Pretty sure I saw the model floating around in GTA4 as a mod.

edit - here it is.


Only problem was, he really didn’t help out on that, only to just brag about it.

Most ripping programs just crashes on Absolution, the sniper challenge seem to work however.

I’m pretty sure someone is working on him.

I really hope so.

Found it.

That does what exactly? It does nothing as far as I can see but give skins for people who are modders.

It’s not very good, though.