Hitman: Absolution models


Here’s some of the Hitman: Sniper Challenge models I’ve ripped so far.
I ripped +2600 files actually, so more will come in time.

None of these models are rigged.



Btw; I noticed that I’ve left out some of the detail normal maps for the clothes, I will add them at a later point.
Also, once the game is released, I will rip more models for ya’ll.

All the models and textures belongs to IO-Interactive and Square Enix.


Everything you see is included, even the wall and floor textures.

great job on these hope to see more soon!

You should rigg it!

Are you working for Eidos Interactive or what? How did you rip files from a game that doesn’t exist yet?

Sniper Challenge came out like 2 months ago.

If that’s the case, then this thread should be renamed to “Hitman Sniper Challenge models”.

No, Absolution will be out in 9 days, and then I’ll upload even more models anyway.

Wait what? Sniper Challenge 2 months ago? Absolution will be out in 9 days?
Damn, I gotta get outta my cave…

That’s a sexy sniper. Thanks for these.

Please, please, PLEASE put this out on the Workshop. Seriously, this is kickass.

they aren’t even rigged :v:

No. I do not own the rights to these models, so I can’t do that.

Rights? :v:

Being a moderator on GameBanana.com, I actually care about credits and rights.
However you’re lucky that I’m even releasing these here.

hello i’m copyright i actually exist, as totalitarian as i am.

4 more days until I can get some more content out for you all.

Very nice. What are you using to extract these models? Any custom extractor?

Kosai106! you have the original texture for Sako trg 42

Uhm, what?

Anyway, the game is released, and once I’m done with the story, I’ll begin to extract some models.

What ripper do you use? Some kind of GameAssassin with t-pose extract?