Hitman Gamemode (currently Ideas)

Well after doing some modding to lua code and beginning to pick up the language a bit more and came up with a idea for a gamemode, now i am relativly new to lua code so basically asking those with knowlage of coding in Gmod to see if something like this is feasable and to basically see what people think

Standard gametype up to about 4-6 players

Each person a hitman

One target on the map

NPC guards

Guards will shoot if see you kill someone, open fire or hold a gun in public

If a lone sentry sees you have say 5 seconds before you are flagged and all guards are after you

Guards will have alert stages, Relaxed (slower to react wont be so suspicious) to fully alerted (Shoot on sight for suspicious behaviour and will react quickly)

Have Guards and main target follow a set routine (Plus have several on the map and one is picked at the start of a round so not always the same)

Have a limit on weapons 2-3 pistol size guns only and one rifle/SMG sized which cant be hidden

Civilians on the map that will go to a guard if they see you kill etc etc

Have money to buy guns that saves over time, guns bought at start of round

If seen have to escape the guards then disguise to be able to walk around again

PC have little health so if spotted can be killed very quickly

Hmm those are details i can remember off the top of my head but any questions ill make sure to try and answer them ASAP

Also will add more here as time goes on

Seems doable. Cool idea.

I like the idea, now get on it :stuck_out_tongue:

Good one, I wonder why no one has yet done any kind of a stealth script for Gmod :S

Because it’d require dumbing down the AI. :slight_smile: The combine won’t stand there scratching their heads and go back to patrolling if they know they’ve seen you.

I badly wanna make a Thief gamemode based off of Thief 3: Deadly Shadows. A stealth multiplayer game wouldn’t be easy to pull off, but I think it would be awesome.

I would really like to see a gamemode like this.

If you’re serious about it, I’d definetly support you, and would map for it, if you want.

Maybe also, a suitcase to hold a big weapon? (smg/rifle/etc)

Sounds Sexy =), theif is quite a good game (the other two anyways) i was playing it the other day and failed horribly as i tried to pop to guards with my bow =(

As for the Hitman thing, you should have everybody killing everybody, kind alike an organised Deathmatch lolol. so it will be easier because you can either go for the low payment NPC’s or the High-value Players =)

Hmm anyway thanks for the suggestions and support guys and hopefully work should start in one or two weeks and will be able to show some sort of progress

Yeah, I badly want to, but if I start I may end up completely giving up Master Server. I can’t allow myself to do that.