Hitman: Hokkaido props

Any possibility of anyone ripping the props from Hitman’s latest episode? I would like to use them for a personal project.

What models are you trying to get?

The models used in the resort and spa area, not the ones in the maintenance or hospital area. I can be really specific if anyone takes up my request. I want to use them for my yacht map which has a Japanese interior theme. I never finished the map because furnishing it with custom interior models felt like too much of a time-consuming and daunting task since I have little to no 3D modeling skills. If I had these Hitman assets, I feel like I’d be able to finally finish the map.

Not every room is as well furnished as the saloon room of course, otherwise I’d already be done with the map.

Hey it looks great, reminds me of the yacht in blops 2.

I would be willing to pay someone to rip models from the episode for me. I would like a sample first to see if the models are usable though, I would still pay for the sample.

Found a reference. Gameplay of said spa area. Excuse the weird looking thumbnail.

That ship map is epic and I want it.