Hitman job trouble

Can somebody make me a Hitman job but the Job code like this

TEAM_BLACKMARKETDEALER = AddExtraTeam("Black Marker Dealer", Color(51, 0, 51, 255), "Models/COD players/opfor4.mdl", [[Sell Illegal items to the Public.]], {"didy_cfak47"}, "blackmarket", 2, 65, 0, false, false, false)

Im use to this sort of job codes and I can edit the rest just make it a Hitman for me ? Thanks :slight_smile:

-- Made with TheCodingBeast's job generator --
TEAM_HIT = DarkRP.createJob('HitMan', {
	color = Color(255, 0, 0, 255),
	model = 'models/player/group01/male_01.mdl',
	description = [[Kills people on others commands]],
	weapons = {'weapon_put_your_weapon_name_here'},
	command = 'hitman',
	max = 2,
	salary = 20,
	admin = 0,
	vote = true,
	hasLicense = false,

Not the code type I wanted but I will try adjust it :slight_smile: Thanks for the help

TEAM_HIT = DarkRP.createJob('HitMan', { Color(255, 0, 0, 255), 'models/player/group01/male_01.mdl', [[Kills people on others commands]], {'weapon_put_your_weapon_name_here'}, 'hitman', 2, 20, 0, true, false,

Already got the answer sorry Thanks anyway tho :slight_smile:

Can you please not create a new thread for every problem you have?

As said in the sticky, DarkRP problems go here
If you have a non-related DarkRP issue (such as your code erroring), post it here. We don’t want the forum to be cluttered with nonsense. If you keep making too many threads for your little unimportant problems you’ll most likely end up banned. Be warned.