"Hitman on the Run in the Streets" - Ma' fifth serious pose. :D

I’ve really tried to add onto his facial expression, by boldening some wrinkles that should have been there, yet were absent due to the model’s lack of detail. Mostly using the brush tool at Photoshop, lol.

C&C, m’kay.

Facial expression looks like he’s trying to eat his own lip, use of photoshop to highlight facial features looks nice. Get some new weapon models, the default CS:S ones are ugly. The pose, as a whole, looks nice altogether. DoF is too heavy in my opinion.

Yeah, I agree. The lips is odd, the model had this tendancy to curl its lower lip like a 3 every time I tried to increase the facial expression scale. Little did I know I’d had to make up for it on PS, so I’ve compromised on it. :3 The DoF may be a bit strong, yes. But I hadn’t chosen a good enough background scene to fit with the pose, so I had to kinda filter it out, as I’ve wished to focus more on the pose rather than the background.

Ha, he has buck teeth.

I laughed. The whole thing looks nice…just…the face XD


You mean the teeth, yeah?

What’s wrong with the face? D:

I tried to give it a look as if it was captured as he was, like, striving to follow his target or something. IDK. The mouth is off, though, yes.

You could have given him a frown, that would make the picture better, looks like he is making a 'DAT ASS face.




im working with LR now, testing shit out. just downloaded the trial version, completely new to it.

so hopefully ma’ shizzle will get better over time

he looks butthurt