Hitman pwns a victim (Aka: Testing out editing + bonus)

Critique and comments welcome.

Edit: Oh yeah sry for the small size of the comic, screwed up there.

Early pose as bonus:

Bad posing. Uhm, fps 11? Omg. Well, net_graph to 0 please.

As I said, thats a old pose :stuck_out_tongue: can you see any fps counters in the comic?

Edit: Who rates all the posts dumb?

I don’t know, some who’s dumb. :smiley:

Holy balls that looks okay but please work on the sounde ffects they look like they were made in paint

Thanks for the advice, I admit the editing was like a 10 minute job. On the side note: Who the fuck rates every fucking post dumb?!

Edit: A second after I posted this it got rated as dumb ._. Is this some kinda script?!

Yes, it is.

ah, venice