Hitman System Not Working?

Hello Everyone.

So basically i use DarkRP 2.5.1, and the default hitman system. So basically what has been happening is that when ever a Hitman accepts a hit, and he kills the person, or the person gets killed, the hit doesn’t go away. Same thing if the Hitman dies. It just says he still has the hit. I never edited the hitman files, so i have no clue why it is doing this. It actually has never worked. Please help me fix this!


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Please Help Quick!

Please help

Is there any server/client errors?

No, it just doesn’t work. I haven’t touched the files.

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Anyone please!

please, i still need help with this!

I had this problem on my own server but it was caused by one of my addons overriding the playerdeath hook so check if you have any addons that mess with the way player dying works and disable them and see if it works

The Addons I have are:

FA:S 2 Alpha
TDM Cars
Fire and Ice Magic
Police Pack
Wire Mod
Baddogs Poke Balls
Vorti Heal
Drugz Mod
Car Dealer
and that is about it

Would any of those do it?

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Ok i removed

Baddogs’s Poke Balls
Vorti Heal and
Fire and Ice Magic

And it still hasn’t done anything

Anyone else?

If it has never worked reinstall darkrp?

Try to remove all your addons, add them 1 by 1 and test.

I did, twice. Still doesn’t work

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I did that, but it seems none of them are doing it

Obviously your doing something wrong, It does work with vanilla darkrp

Remove everything and then get a fresh ver of darkrp from github, I can help you with this if you add me on steam [dontfuckwitinfgang] Chris it should be straightforward though

Ok found the issue. There was a tiny file in my LUA folder messing with the PlayerDeath. Thank you everyone!