Hitmarkers are back?

The sound of hits are back, the headshot sound is back, I’m watching a stream and it has hitmarkers?

Is this just for modded or is the hitmarkers re-implemented? thanks :slight_smile:

Have been for some time now with the headshot, hit markers were bought in couple updates ago now also, where have you been lol it is default on all servers

There is a plugin that shows a cross when you hit (black for hit, red for headshot), but the sounds have been added 2 weeks ago on hits. Headshot sounds have been in for several weeks.

Yes, they’re back.

Yeah I’m not talking about the sounds, I’m talking about the actual hitmarker that shows when you hit someone like you described Decide.

So thats only for modded?

Hit markers = no
Hit sounds = Yes

Yes, it’s http://oxidemod.org/plugins/hitmarker-gui.1241/