Hitmarkers in the new Rust?

Will Rust have hitmarkers like they had in Legacy?
And will the headshot sound will be making a comeback again? I surely hope so because I fuckin’ love it. Headshotting someone never felt so rewarding.

I can see the headshot sound making it in, hitmarker? Eh

I hope no hit markers make it back.

i think they intend to use the blood spurts as “hit markers” rather than any crosshair related notification.

i hope so anyway.

The hit markers were a good thing, blood spurs arent really much good with 100 meter headshots lol.

May sound casual, and most games I hate hitmarkers, but in Rust it was so great, getting a reward crunch sound and a hitmarker when you headshot someone.

i hope they keep in the headshot crunch, just not too keen on the general hitmarkers:)

In legacy, you could get blood spurts because the client thought you hit, but you would only get the hit marker if the server confirmed. You could get the former without the latter a lot due to lag. If rust-formerly-known-as-experimental fixes that, I’d be ok without the hit markers, but I really liked them all the same.

Old rust used hit-scan and shot out an unrelated tracer that was only anesthetic. Now that projectiles are actual entities with physics, this issue should already be fixed.

Well no wonder I sucked so bad, if I was shooting people with pain relievers.

This seemed more like a client-prediction versus server-calculation issue than a how-the-hit-is-determined issue.

I feel that hitmarkers make the game a bit more easy, because the knowledge of knowing wether you hit or not can make a lot of difference. I say no to hitmarkers but yes to headshot clonkz.

mate, fuck hitmarkers