This suggestion will probably get the infamous elixwhitetail “late-stamp” but I haven’t been very active on here this week so please bare with me.

How are hitmarkers coming its way? I have seen some people talking about it vaguely but I haven’t found anything concrete on the topic.

For the love of god, I really really would love to have that headshot-KGRRGGRG sound back in the new Rust. Yet I also understand if this may not be realistic enough…

My point being, I think the new Rust should get some better hitmarkers also for long ranged hits so it’s a bit clearer and a bit more satisfying when you hit something. For me right now it’s not satisfying.
How about you guys?

ehh i think no hitmarkers are the best bet, its really exciting to shoot at someone from a distance and just see them drop in their place

You’re the hacker, right? Can’t you see where they are at all times and hit them anyway? After you kill so many people like that, I’d think it would get boring.

i beleive it’s still going to be the blood spurts rather than hitmarkers. personally i’m happier that way anyway; there’s no reason for us to know we’ve hit them without being able to see the damage. too far away? only clue is if they fall down dead;)

I prefer no hit marker on hints if you actually killed someone or not.

It adds to the stress and experience, being uncertain if you killed another player unless you confirm the kill (seeing the body on the ground).

Would be nice to see some blood trail if the player is bleeding.

Why do so many people hate on elix? From what I’ve seen he provides feedback that’s consistently thought out and sourced.

He? I thought Elix was female! LOL oops!

The knight has said alpha, one too many times to be considered consumer friendly. Yet I do agree that he/she/it is a contributor of information.

Not Elix’s fault that people don’t understand the state of the game. :zoid:

That sound was definitely satisfying. I’d be happy with it not default, but maybe people can mod it in later.

Side topic: The only people who don’t like elix are the ones who say stupid shit and don’t like hearing they are wrong.

Oh!! I’m not hating on Elix, he/she/it just has a tendency to rate posts late when the topic has been discussed before, was assuming that would happen to my thread since I hadn’t showed my face here in a while.
Wasn’t really hating, just friendly messing with him/her/it a little :stuck_out_tongue: haha.

He/she/it is mostly right and constructive even though being a bit of a dick/bitch/ehh… sometimes doing so so I kinda felt the need to poke :smiley:

I think for the same reason that people hate on police, or traffic wardens. Even when you’re the one breaking the rules, no one really likes being reprimanded, criticized or proven wrong.