Hitmenu on old DarkRP?

Is it possible to add the hitmenu from the new darkrp version to a lower version? and if so, how would I do it?

Why not update?

I might, but is it possible to add it in?

Yeah but bit pointless when you can update.

I already have a shitton of mods on my darkrp, and really don’t want to lose everything.
So, how do I do this?


I mean how do I add the hitmenu without updating? it would be hard to update because mine is on a host, and I have too many mods

Update the mods with the dakrrp then.

aaand how?


Add my steam and i’ll help u.

just tell me how to install the hitmenu from the new darkrp onto the older version

Stop being so demanding.

Download your entire DarkRP folder from your host, and follow the instructions on the page I posted six posts up.

Well say if you were to heavily modify some files that are on darkrp but the updated version has new LUA so it would be hard putting the modified code into the updated darkrp. It would be best to update DarkRP though in my opinion.

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If you insist not updating DarkRP, then you would need to add hitmenu folder from modules in the latest darkrp and put it in your old unupdated version of darkrp.

As well add this in config.lua, so that the hitmenu can actually work, I know there is some unnecessary code but can’t be asked to edit it shouldn’t cause much of a problem:

- The skin DarkRP uses. Set to "default" to use the GMod default derma theme
GM.Config.DarkRPSkin = "DarkRP"
GM.Config.currency = "$"

-- The list of weapons that players are not allowed to drop. Items set to true are not allowed to be dropped
GM.Config.DisallowDrop = {
	["weapon_keypadchecker"] = true,
	["keys"] = true,
	["pocket"] = true

GM.Config.DefaultWeapons = {

-- The list of modules that are disabled. Set to true to disable, false to enable.
-- Modules that are not in this list are enabled by default.
GM.Config.DisabledModules = {
	["afk"] = true,
	["chatsounds"] = false,
	["events"] = false,
	["hungermod"] = true,
	["playerscale"] = false,
	["sleep"] = false,
	["voterestrictions"] = true,
	["hitmenu"] = false,

None of that is needed for the hitmenu itself.

I put it just in case, after all it is new.

What you do need is the new interface loader stuff which is what the new hitmenu uses.