Hitmenu ?

Hello there,

I have now seached everywhere for an /hitmenu plugin,
so hitmans can get hits from other players by typing /hitmenu, and hitmans can check own hits by typing /hits.
Anyone here can help ?

There is no public available hitman menu’s. You’re going to have to hire a coder from this thread to make you one: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1269027

Alright thanks.

There’s a hitmenu in darkrp by default since a few days.

Oh nice, never saw that. I’ll be sure to look at it over the next few days!

Where can I find this hitmenu in darkrp ?

Update SVN if it hasn’t done it for you. Type /hitmenu on Mob Boss. You can change which team the hitmenu applies to at the bottom of shared.lua.

Here’s the module in Git if you wanted to see that: https://github.com/FPtje/DarkRP/tree/master/gamemode/modules

I have now installed hitmenu.
But it dont work…

One needs a bit more info to troubleshoot. What isn’t working about it? Any errors?

There is nothing showing up when I type /hitmenu or /hits.

You walk up to a hitman and press E on him.

Don’t work…
Nothing happens when I press E on a hitman.

Did you set it to the right class in config? Did you update your files correctly?

Which file shall I add the hitman class to?
I cant find it.