I have the hitmenu installed on my server, I would like to ask something

It has hit accepted and all that bla bla, but would someone be able to provide me with a code (if possible) to make it so if the hitman dies after he accepts the hit, it’s makes the hit fail and removes it from the hitmenu? Too many people getting killed and running straight back to kill the person for the hit money.

Thanks in advance if some kind person is able to do this

You should hire a coder for this. Look in here: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1269027

just make a statement when the person dies hits are cleared… its not that hard if you just think about it :slight_smile:

He is obviously new to lua so he does not know how. That is why he was asking. Common Sense

If he does not know how to make a simple if, then, else and end statement then he should not be running a server.

Kind of an asshole thing to say considering these forums are for helping people. When I started my server I didn’t even know what LUA was and had 0 coding experience.

I’m guessing your server is DarkRP. The latest DarkRP version has a built in hit system.