Hitomi model

Can someone upload or send me a link to the Hitomi model? It was deleted from garrysmod.org among with other nice stuff.

Best Regards, Radu

Which model do you want? The street clothes one, or the Venus bikini from DOAX?

Dude, never sign your posts like it’s a letter. It’s stupid.

Also, when you make requests, always post a reference picture, even if everyone knows what you’re talking about. Failiure to do so usually results in getting banned.

I’m new to the forum, but I’ll keep that in mind and read the rules again.

I want the Venus bikini one. I think its this one? http://www.pimp-productions.com/media/screenshots/gm-hitomi-beach.jpg

Thanks, because that saves me the trouble of having to find the street clothes one and put it in a pack. Aside from that, here is the download link: http://x3rbyg.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pL1ikZNxUWMQn7mPt5wi4Awyyl7mBD0Ml-ackfriPNxCPiL-6ETx7Al2j04eC8VVjQj8-5ZdIpP1tcIlYgk3zEA/hitomiinvenus.zip?download Credit goes to Mario64n on this one.

I think he’s just being polite.

Thanks, but the link is not working?

EDIT* I found the model anyway …

i want all of it (nude one too xD)

Where did you find it?

I want it too…

Where did u find the model?