Hittin' the Streets: Episode 2

Due to the breakthrough success of “Hittin’ the Streets With Angry Ronnie”, Frosted Productions is proud to present episode 2, for your viewing enjoyment.

I actually laughed.
but someone has to explain to me what this is…

Had to stop watching it. Sorry, but this is practically unintelligible. Like I said about your first one, the voice is abysmal.

it’s movie magic, you’ll understand when you make it to Hollywood.

The meaning of the term “movie magic” must have changed then.

… Drunkard?


The angry speak was hilarious.

Nope, I know him and have made amazing films with him, but we are not the same person. You should check out our group on Steam, Frosted Productions.

This movie is awesome, I’m really proud of you for following through with your passion for machinima :smiley:

hard to understand but sounds funney