Hitting the Solo Player Wall

So I’ve got about 50 hours invested now. I’m comfortable in my skills to a certain extent. I can harvest tons of materials. I’ve got a small 1x4 very secluded base. I keep a good stash of resources, so if I die, I can just make new stuff right away, its not a big deal. I’ve been able to raid some bases on my own that had wood doors and killed the sleepers and stole their loot. I could build a mega base, or a bigger base, but I don’t see the point. Again, my base is way out there, very secluded, away from everything, a long run from any resources and and totally hidden by rocks. So I’ve been going out to hunt zombies, (with my hatchet, hunting bow, and a revolver and a bunch of food) to find this “precious” loot, like blue prints, guns, kevlar and what not. And it’s boring as hell and not very lucrative. (I can kill a bunch of zombies in a semi safe spot and wait for them to respawn or I can venture farther out, which almost always leads to death by other players) I’ve managed to get a blue print for a scope and some other amo types, but mostly all I get are various food items. The few times I’ve wandered around to get some crates I haven’t gotten more than some leather boots or a rad vest, but then I’m so far away from home, I get killed before I make it back to stash anything. I had an air drop fall almost on my head, but by the time it landed, a bunch of people showed up and killed me, understandably.

So I ask myself, what now? The only options I have are to join a group or keep chasing my tail and hope I eventually get lucky by getting a rare drop from one of the zombies. Because I can’t do much else with the equipment I have right now. If I could at least be able to craft some better guns or at least some C4, I’d be good. I’d solo raid and really be able to engage in that level of the game. I think that’s it. Let people be able to craft C4 from the get go, might make things interesting.

Joining an existing group isn’t easy, nor inviting. As it seems joining an existing clan will just enlist me in a war between homophobes, racists, and homophobic racists, lol. Seriously. The chat discussions are brutal and so juvenile. And it seems that each clan has at least one hacker, aimbotter, etc. And I don’t really want to get involved in all of that or be associated with it.

I could create my own clan, but again with the finding people to trust. The game does turn you. As a noob, you’ll trust anyone. 50 hours in, Hell No! Even if I got into a clan or started one, I would never share the location of my current base, lol.

So I find myself in limbo, not really knowing what to do. Hitting the solo player wall. Any suggestions? And no, I don’t want to go to a “friendly” community server, I want to stick to the official servers.

Frankly, there just isn’t much to do in the game right now. Crafting, which I’d argue is among the most interesting elements of gameplay, is fairly limited for the moment, until they expand it (which is on their to-do list, admittedly). But honestly, this game seems like it’s more designed for group play to me. I played solo exclusively when I first started, and I too got pretty bored rather quickly. But teaming up with people and making a nice compound, defending it, and going on loot runs/raids together can be pretty fun. Unfortunately base griefing is a rather significant problem that can easily make this a bit futile.

Finding people who play regularly enough, and who can be trusted is an issue, but not impossible–just gotta keep looking.

I don’t really enjoy the official servers, personally. They’re a bit too crowded, and they like the administration, support, and mods that community servers can have. Rust++ door sharing is a real help for those who are in a group and building together, for instance.

Solo is tough, they are working on some things i think to make the game easier for the solo/new player. But finding a group definitely seems to be the best way to go. I have one friend i play with and we find it tough out there.

Solo is very difficult, especially once you get to the point that you seem to be… well-off, but still missing the few pieces that make you truly successful.
You don’t necessarily have to join a clan, but you COULD just play nice with one… get a discussion started, usually you can get an idea of their intentions.
Obviously you’ve put quite a bit of time into this server, but from the sounds of it it’s full of assholes with all the talk of homophobic racists. It may be worth your while to find a new server to call home… :confused:

What server i would join immediatly is some kjind of village server. One leader accepts other members that can now build together and cant kill each other and also don’t grief or destroy eah others stuff. Then later you can go with your people on a hunt or attack other villages together. That server has to be made. Maybe someone is working on a mod like this.

solo is boring,
either you play it safe , and waste 80% of your time hiding in shadows
or you play normal and get you ass handed to you daily.

both prospects are boring, it is why i switched over to 7d2d until this game gets a little farther long .
though to the op getting blue prints is easy.

simply build a shack with a research table + wood door

carry ONLY cloth armor, a pick axe , food and bandages.

and then kill zombies, and ignore players.
since all you need is the blue prints (which you can consume on the spot), you dont need to actually survive.

when you get paper and a research kit , quickly run back to the shack , and research something you found off of zombies (leather armor or rare metal constructs… or the pickaxe/ medikits)

and then go right back out and murder zombies.
if you die, well you lost nothing of value.
gear back up and rinse and repeat.

Ive gotten full Kevlar in a day of playing. doing nothing but pickaxing the weaker zombies

I have actually been pretty happy playing solo. Every time I even try to be nice to someone I end up getting killed, even if its not by them. I just lurk in the shadows and stay away from all other players. Maybe it will get boring eventually, but right now it is just fun to see how long I stay alive. Currently my player has been able to stay alive for about 18 hours of gameplay, hopefully I haven’t been raided during the day today.

I disagree though that C4 should be able to be crafted from the start. Especially solo, it really takes a while to get going. Rocks aren’t terribly hard to find, but it does take a while to get enough together to go through the whole process to get to the point of making a metal door. Once you have it, you finally feel a tiny amount of security because not everyone is running around with the means to blow away your house and steal everything you spent hours collecting.

The game already caters to the evil players (I know there can be much debate about how evil raiding and PvP is, it is certainly part of the game, but that doesn’t mean its not “evil”). The more ruthless you are, the better off you are. I personally like to try to survive without resorting to murder and looting, that adds a very challenging aspect to the game. It is really easy to knock down wooden doors and rob sleepers. It is a lot harder to survive when you don’t. I don’t think the game is supposed to be what is the easiest way to survive, it is about survival and morality, at least for me.

you dont play these kind of games for morality, the selling point of this and dayz is to see how much a sick prick you can be , or conversely how much bullshit you can tolerate.

roll playing is for private servers.

Well I didn’t notice the tagline of the game was

“Rust: How much of a prick can you be?”

You play and be a prick, I’ll play and be nice to people. Great thing about the game is the option is there.

This basically what I’ve been doing, without the pickaxe, but I have yet to see any good loot from it, lol.

So what happens once you get the best loot or blue prints? You’re just going to sit in your shelter and call it quits since you’ve “beat” the game? I’m not trying to bash you, but maybe you should explore around and ask people if they want to build a base together, maybe build a little village close to your shelter but keep your shelter hidden so you always have that as backup, build trust with the people you find and see where things go, you’ve got nothing to lose, it’s just a game!

do you murder at night?

Find someone to play with and go raid any huge base. War/clash/raid on one base for 2 hours non-stop. FUN.

I’ve had about 60 hours into the game and have hit where you’re at right now, what I did was go for air drops, farm the zombies until I get C4 and then I would go raiding. This is my day to day gameplay in rust.

If I get bored doing this, I begin to farm the resources and have a big supply.

Also, it’s really fun going out at night and messing with people (ones with wooden doors to bases) and would scare them a bit. It’s true, the game is very repetitive but you can make it fun.

P.S. Here’s a tip, never trust anyone and keep the location of your base to yourself and if you can’t find your base because you hid it so well, your doing the right thing.

It may be that you’ve played the game out - according to your playing preferences. I am also a solo player with no interest in joining a group. I hit a similar wall after 300+ hours. Most of that time was spent exploring the map.

I think social interaction is and will remain key to getting the most out of Rust.

Once I have the ability to protect myself with better weapons and armor, relatively speaking, and had some C4 I would be exploring, looking for bases to raid, lol. I’d solo raid bases like I do now if I see them with wood doors that I can get through.

I could resort to bandit life, but terrorizing the weak isn’t really my thing.

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I don’t disagree. I’m not against the social interaction. I chime in when I feel like. I wouldn’t mind being in a group. I’ve been playing solo as a way to learn the game so I can bring something to a group, instead of just being some sort of noob slave or whatever mooching off someone.

LOL, Rust is way different than the good ol’ days of MMO’s where you just type in “LFG” and you get a bunch of invites:)

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Have you actually been able to get to air drops, playing solo? And yeah, my base is that hidden, where for awhile I was having a hard time finding it, lol.

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I don’t murder at all, unless its a sleeper in a base I was able to raid.

Simply put, the game is just not very solo friendly at all. Sure, you can play solo (I do) but the advantages clearly lie in zerg gameplay. Clans with 20+ will dominate any server they play on, and tight groups of 3-5 will dominate all the new players for their resources.

This is an alpha, and I’ll be keeping tabs on the game the further it goes, but right now the wall is really easy to hit for solo players, and I’ve heard it’s not too much better for large clans who basically kill a server off in a day or two and are left with nothing to do.

To be honest it sounds like your solo tactics are a touch flawed.

I have every blueprint and I play almost exclusively solo, on NA3 (official). I don’t KoS, either. I generally only kill known bandits, or people I see attacking fawns with guns. Oh, and obviously the speedhacking jacktards trying to ruin the game.

Never stand at an airdrop. That’s begging to be shot, especially if your server doesn’t have an active admin to kick speedhackers. Stand somewhere near by with cover and if possible a wall to your back, like a cliffside. They can still drop from above but odds are they won’t if it could result in being crippled. Watch for who comes, let them kill each other off, pop the survivors and run. If you aren’t confident in your aiming, run in during the chaos of the initial gunfight, grab one thing (generally explosives) and run. Most people ignore fawns near crates if there are people with M4’s shooting at them.

You have to play smart if you want to play solo. You can’t win by pure skill. Eventually you’ll be drown in numbers. Six bad players can still get a lucky shot.

Few more solo tips:
Keep multiple outposts. Never stash everything in one location. Put beds in all of them, with your last bed in the place you want to spawn first.
Use the small stash sacks and hide them in clever places. Most of the dimwits who zerg around blowing down small house walls aren’t very observant. I’ve never had my backup MP5 or shotgun stolen, yet. Knock on wood, since I know one of the more notorious cheaters reads this forum and will probably now go to one of my outposts and go over it with a fine tooth comb.
Never go back to the same outpost twice in one resource run. There’s a lot of seriously odd players who will follow you for an hour to find your “house”. It also decreases the odds of being raided.

Finally, just relax. You can’t stop losing everything. Everything you acquire in this game, except for blueprints, is transient. Don’t save that special shotgun because you don’t want to lose it. Use it. If an ESP’ing cheater sees it in your storage you’re going to lose it anyway, why bother trying to hide it? If there seems to be a huge amount of random murder going on, just do naked resource runs. Grab a couple piles and go back to a ‘resource shack’ (temporary crackhut you place nearby) to store. Transfer when the violence decreases (usually when there aren’t max people on the server).

Edit: Oh yeah, one last thing. Don’t get greedy. Grab what you came for in any fight or location and leave. I don’t care if you managed to headshot three guys in kevlar. Odds are they probably have a friend near by, or someone else equally armed is already on the way and would be more than happy to shoot you in the face while you’re gleefully looting. The only thing worth grabbing to me is blueprints, or items that you must research kit for blueprints, like explosives. Once you have all the blueprints the game becomes a lot more forgiving.

I was playing solo for a long time then someone came up to me and said “hey i’m having trouble playing solo wanna team up”. Having only one friend makes all the difference in the world.

I think cheating is the current wall preventing ambitious projects on a wide scale. The next step would be for one of those large groups to attempt to establish law and order. Most likely in a poorly planned and deeply contentious way.