Hitting wooden doors with axes deals to much damage to the axe

Hitting a wooden door with a hatchet should do significantly less damage to your axe. There is really very little difference between hitting a door and a tree so why do axes break so much more quickly on doors than on trees? Just lower the axe durability lost a little bit. This would actually make the scrap metal doors useful instead of people just skipping straight to armored

Its all about balance.

How many metal axes does it take to hack down a wooden door, now, these days?

I disagree. Most people already have enough HQM to build an armored door by the time they start building a base.

if the door is facing the right way should take about 7

Most guys have enough HQM ??? Wtf not everybody have a mining quarry on the snow biome.

Come on guys ,the game still has loads of balancing to be done, not to mention the items to be added that will throw off any proper balancing done now. You all act and moan like the game is finished.

While gathering resources to build my base I ran into 2 radtowns and got enough HQM from boxes and barrels to upgrade 2 doors to armored right away. I gotta say the server wasnt very populated at this time.

Yeah, it’s really not that hard to get a small amount of HQM to armour a door or two.

And if you’re a little resourceful, it’s not hard to get HQM either. We built our base in the desert at the base of a mountain range that separates the arid and temperate biomes. There’s snow on the peak of the mountain. We surveyed the mountain top and it produces high quality ore. So we have 3 pump jacks and 1 quarry inside our compound wall and 3 quarries on top of the mountain to produce high quality ore. Most of our base is now armoured and we have a full crate of HQM already.

You guys are getting off topic. Hitting a wooden door with an axe shouldnt break the axe after about 10 hits when you can hit a tree upwards of 30 times with the same axe! A wooden door shouldnt be stronger than a tree and bases with wooden doors should be easy raids.

Once upon a time that was true.

around 1 and 1/4 of iron axe. He may be talking about the stone axe, wich is make shift. it is just made to harvest.

I agree, the hatchet/axe should be able to withstand more from hitting wooden doors. Not too much, but definitely an increase.

Disagree wholeheartedly.

Starting the game is hard enough, without the first door you can make being useless. I was half a step from rage quitting when they halved door health (i understand doors are the weakpoint… but half? really?)
Also, if going by real physics, trees are cylinders, and axes have a slight curve. curve meets curve in a single point that allows you chip out pieces of the tree. When flat, most of the axe head impacts the surface instead of just a point, sending that shockwave through the handle connection point, rather than the door. That’s why firemen have a specially designed axe, and use the spike side to rip through doors. So yea. In game balance AND Real world logic your home-made axe will have a longer life chopping trees than chopping doors.

Starting with the game shouldnt be easier it should be faster to get into the next phase of youre base
they should just boost stone a little bit up and i dont see anyproblems here seeing wood being week again

Such a pointless post, metal frags and wood are easy to get, ontop of that it depends on what side you’re hitting. weak side does less damage to the axe

Wrong. Either side deals the same amount of damage to the axe. The weak side of the door simply breaks faster, meaning less hits.

My Friend. Here is the impass. Some players want constant conflict. to make it easier to raid noobs. some players want to work fast, build in the middle of no where, and feel reasonably safe when they log off.

I believe in any game, it’d be utter Bullshit for a game to give you a door that doesnt do shit. Thats why doors don’t have a “twig” level. If you are mad that your axe cant break down a door, then raid others, get some c-4, and blow the door down in one shot. Done.

I agree the doors are a bit simple and could use some specific functions. The wooden door is weak but in certain circumstances that can be its strength. It is malleable enough to fit extra minor fortifications. For example in medieval times it was common practice to fasten a door or gate with a large plank. Now as for stronger doors they are strong albeit clunky and crude so this technique would not fit well. Perhaps this sort of “fastening” buff could come at the price of mitigating damage towards the surrounding structures upon its destruction.

Imagine it playing out like so, you login and notice there was an attempted raid on your base. You put down a brand new wood door or two. Your friend logs on to check things out and goes out to harvest some ore, but night fall comes and he gets lost. Upon hearing gunshots in the distance you decide to take precautions. You go up to the door hold E and select fortify, a timer comes up and you see your avatar sliding a plank across, maybe pulling on a rope and pressing against the door to secure it firmly, this takes something like 15-20 seconds maybe.

Now several things could come from this. Your friend could show up outside getting shot at and yelling “HELP open the door!” as you struggle in vain to undo the now secured door in time. Then again maybe it was the right choice and in the night rather than that pansy ass whittling of axes you hear a strong loud THUMP… THUMP as the raider loosens the door before chopping away at it. This feature comes at no cost to the raider only time itself, a fitting price for approaching the base guns blazing and dallying about rather than a more stealthy route.

I also suggest ending the seemingly abusive route of finishing doors off with arrows as it appears foolish and especially silly against wood doors at least. The old method from legacy of having to draw straws to see who finishes the door off was quite entertaining. There was so much tension when your pal would creep up and fumble around pecking those last hits off then when the door finally fell the defender would immediately blast their head off with a shotgun or lay into them screaming with a pickaxe. It even became a sort of game in itself to distract those inside so you could safely finish the door off. It was almost comical when everyone would open fire and seeing the bullet outline along the wall with the one raider crouched against the side of the doorway as he yells “You BASTARDS which one of you shot me!?” stares up at doorway

Other propositions: Adding a sliding latch to drop items out of metal doors would be awesome and maybe a peek hole to shoot from in the armored tier as no one would even be hitting on those anyway except to troll as a naked.

Just to clarify some stuff about item durability:

All items lose durability at the same rate when they are hitting anything other than resources (Around 7 per hit), its just that different items have different amounts of durability and thus last different lengths of time. Each item then loses additional durability depending on the resource type it is hitting (Flesh, tree or ore), which is why some items go down insanely fast when hitting the wrong type (Hatchet on ore)

A hatchet and pick axe will break in the same time when hitting a door as they both have 400 durability, its just the pickaxe does more damage per hit.