Hitwoman getting ready to take out a vip.

Meh I had no inspiration…


wtf? the girl model :slight_smile:

What map is that? :3


Also the glow on her hands is really weird.

What model is the body from? The head and arms look like Jack from ME2, but I haven’t seen that jacket before.

S-Low released the Jack model and one of the skin variations from Mass Effect 2 is that space biker look.

I like the picture, most of it at least. Her legs look a bit ood being so close together; and as wraithcat pointed out the glow (which looks like vapor coming of her skin) is odd.

Breen’s posing looks pretty wonky. Either his shoulders are too hunched over or his bum is sticking out too much - I can’t tell which.

Other than that it’s about bearable. Go easy on the contrast, bloom and saturation though. It’s nice you’re stepping away from everyone else’s blue or orange colour filters on horrible undersaturated pictures, but you don’t want to over-do it.

Also, take note: tilting the camera angle =/= instantly better picture. You do it too much and in pictures that really aren’t exciting enough to warrant it (like this one).

Jack does not need a pistol to kill.

It’s all jack from me2, it’s a dlc I think.

Breen model is pretty cool.

I like how she is totally not being obvious about it.

You think she would be hiding first. :v:

Yeah… I don’t know why. I guess when you stay awake for 24 hours your mind works differently. But the grass was tall as fuck at that spot… and I really liked that angle… so I chose to make her standing instead… >.>

It works like MGS, where everyone other than you has a 5 foot view range.
If you aren’t in that, you are freaking invisible.

Jack is so hot, i so wanna buttsex her :3.

The dodge brush that you used on Jack’s hands is too big imo, rest is primavera