HK-3021 T-1 Experimental BLIMP Design [Triumphant Return to Contraption Releases]

This is just one of my Piddly Experiments, I will Upload Much Much better stuff later or whenever

Heres a Pic [I lost the dupe so its the last one]:
It’s Length is from the Entrance of the City up to the Wireframe tower.
It is about as tall as two Minge pods stacked onto each other.

lol this is BULLSHIT in other words

Isn’t that bad really

yeah, there has been a whole lot worse on lately

I think him calling himself (I know you didn’t actually but you still wrote other ppl do) a gmod guru just doesn’t help

Edit: Please tell us that it is parented

Put a scrolling ‘led’ panel on it, then we might be able 2 talk

More pics needed, right now I just say that only special thing about it is its size…

That’s a knee-slapper!

All this is is a few PHX props with some balloons on them you’re saying? Come on, be more creative.

I forgot what yours looked like, CanadianBill…
Its a great blimp, it would be stupid to force use of vanilla props on something that large. Now make it burn down if 2 pieces are destroyed >=D Like add gcombat flame cannons on inside that are triggered when there are props missing from the balloon.
The passenger cabin on that looks fun to ride in especially if there were gun mounts… But that’s a little unethical =P

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Just edit the op not to lolgloat e__e It’s obviously frowned upon

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so you say your great then say you post your “most nub” thing and then advertise your server ???

can you please just make your triumphant exit now?


The picture seems to be as clear as pictures of bigfoot…
And is that spacebuild stuff at the bottom?

Intrigued about the ‘balloon’ part though, that looks quite good, would like to get a closer look at what props etc, and how you did the ends.

it’s called stacker + phx plates

Lets see your “best” contraption then

I like it, give it some materials, kewl wiarz, and architecture/interiors.

its a trowl

Difficult to do a rounded end with that though, which is why I want to see it from the front or the back… though guessing that’s the reason I can’t.