HK Clan - Heaven Knights

Guys I’m making a clan in Rust, I’m looking for players that have over 50 hours of game play and that can talk through mic or if you can’t talk at least download skype and hear us talk so you understand our tactics.

Must be decent at PvP.

We will play on most Wiped servers so we dominate the servers through Tyranny and fear.

Current Server:
UK Stranglethorn New Wipe 19/12


  • Founder of HK was former “co owner” of the most famous clan in Stranglethorn “Envy” which was known for raiding every single base in the server for 3 days straight and killing everyone on sight without a single fail raid.

To Apply:
Ingame Name:
Game play time:
How good are you at pvp(1-10):
Got mic?:
If no, can you at least get on skype to hear us talking?:
Why you wanna join:


whats your steam?

I actually want to ask some questions first.

You can choose to add me on steam and answer, or just answer this thread.
I’m after a clan, but I want to be really careful when choosing and making sure I’m choosing the right one.

I’m curious,
When do you play and how often?
How many are there in the clan, and will you settle down in one server, more than one or move around in different servers?
Are you gonna jump over to TeamSpeak or Raidcall, as Skype is freetalking and might be annoying as the clan gets bigger.
What’s the age of most of the members and are they mature?

@insomniac: HK | Sumusiko

Well , I play for hours every single day some days 8+ hours some days only 4 hours depends.
At the moment its only me in the clan since I am picky at choosing people, we will settle down in 1 server until there are new wiped servers around, we want to establish our clan name all over Rust’s community and as such we must dominate several new wiped servers although it only happens once in a couple of months so don’t worry.
We will find a teamspeak once we have more members yes.
Since I’m the only 1 in the clan still , I’m 18

added you on steam, i wanna join, thought it would be easier to talk over steam chat

i am interested.

where are you from? i tried to look it from your profile but it wasn’t there.

Not sure who you are, are you blake?

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Im from portugal
add on steam:
hk | sumusiko



So, clearly this is a raider clan. Do you have standards on who you attack, or is everyone fair game? I ask because attacking a caveman and stealing his 4 cloth, 3 cooked meat, and 30 wood (or whatever), then breaking down his wood shack door and taking everything else he owns doesn’t sit well with me. It’s not a challenge, it strikes me as just being a dick move overall. Breaking into well-established bases, on the other hand… that’s a lot of fun.

I guess what I’m saying is I really want a challenge, not just to slaughter noobs, and it seems like a lot of raider clans go down the slaughtering noobs route. If that’s your bag, cool, but if not, I might consider myself interested.

We only kill threats. AKA people with gear.

Bumping your own thread is… Disgraceful.

ty for the free bump

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To Apply:
Ingame Name: “Mountain”
Game play time: 70+ hours
How good are you at pvp(1-10): 8
Got mic?: Yes.
If no, can you at least get on skype to hear us talking?:
Why you wanna join: After spending 70 hours on UK 3, being in a good clan I was betrayed by some ‘friends’ I’m looking for a solid clan to join, with a good recruitment system so I don’t get betrayed again.

I’ve seen you in our server and I’m not sure who you were I believe you were Hench and as such no , I wont take you in.

Your server?

No, our I mean the server we’re on.
Stranglethorn New Wipe 19/12