HK Firearms: G36s Galore

What I want:
G36s all variants that are modeled already and able to be ported or found, they are in POE2, if that helps anyone:
G36, and MG36 take priority:

XM8: I believe one can be found on Game Banana as a replacement for a Counter-Strike: Source model.

PSG1A1: I haven’t seen one anywhere


If easily done, bodygrouped bipods on the larger weapons, deployed, not deployed, and none, clips bodygrouped and a seperate prop, bolt positions bodygrouped.

If anything else HK is found, I will gladly take it, I cannot offer payment, but I will offer my thanks and gratitude.

Support. Especially for that pistol.

PSG in here:

Thanks Dvader!

GTA’s weapon models aren’t really meant to be looked at in detail, so they’re pretty bad. There’s an infinitely better PSG1 in L4D2, bloo bodygrouped the shit out of it and improved it here:

Only has the long magazine, though.

And there’s a pretty decent G36C here.

Thank you floater, G36C may be my least favorite of the G36 series, but it look pretty nice. One Problem with that pack, no download.

The link on the mirror’s edge pack works for me.

Got it, the image URLs never work for me.

Larry’s Weapon Pack has a G36 with and without a silencer and some M8s.

And this has some HK45s and G36Cs.

Thanks Lonefirewarrior!

:v: ?

nub i love you
that might be the sexiest thing i’ve seen this afternoon

Here’s an XM8

Keep in mind it has the standard yellow colours


Added an xm carbine too

Thanks, Wraith.

I’m gonna download PoE2 just to have these models.

I can live with that

i guess it counts as a hk firearm

Why do you tempt me so, Nub?

Because I’ll release them soon enough :v:

Can I beta test?