HL:S/BaRnEy Silly Poses Central V0.01(ALL THAT SHIT GOES HERE)

A combination of too much GTA: San Andreas, NWA, HL1, and me rediscovering the HL:S models resulted in the Barney Patrol, A collection of silly HL:S poses that aren’t taken seriously and were made just for fun, Feel free to contribute, And if you’re good enough. I’ll add you to the OP.

The Set That Started It All


Ninja Nub’s Awesome Images


There’s no point in this thread is there.

Yes there is, All my silly HL:S poses will go here so i don’t act the arse and flood the section with tons of threads.

Sweet God, have mercy on us all.

So we only have to click the “dumb” button once. How thoughtful of you.

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Don’t click the thread if you don’t like it.

Please tell me what drug your on when you do these poses ?


Holy Mother of God, those are some low-poly models right there.

You need to replace those mothafuckas with these: http://hlshd.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/hlshd

Why do you even bother.

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I mean seriously, this is :
-Not original
-Not funny in any way
-Badly posed
-Badly done
-Horrible to look at (just because you use LQ models doesn’t mean it’s awesome and fresh)

If your goal is to have “fun” then keep posing them and don’t bother posting here since no one likes and will ever like it. This way everybody’ll be happy.

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troll poses are against the rules, Garry imposed that not so long ago.


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I’ll go ahead and use the shitty excuse of every single sexposer ever.

Only problem with that is that naked people is actually artistic, maybe them going at it is diffrent, but Art is in the eye of the beholder. This however, is not art to the masses. All we have here is everyone’s favorite beer owing security guard in extreme low poly with no face posing. The posing for these is iffy. Ninja_Nub, who happens to be putting them on ModDB (God…), did an okay job. The posing for them is okay. I however would not advise continuing making bad poses with bad models you find humorous on Facepunch.

ill be honest - that looks worse

this isn’t art, it’s not trying to be. anyone who wants to make art through a game made by a young british man for 13-year-old kids to wibble ragdolls about into silly poses and stretch their faces about like play-do is a moron, GMod is not for art. it’s for building and having fun.

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infact, more to the point, why does this offend you so much? i’m not harming you or hindering you, i’ve confined myself to one thread, and i’ll avoid posting anything except balanced criticism in other threads. if this thread offends you so much then delete it from your browser history with CTRL+H then don’t click it again

Atlas, you haven’t responded to criticism in other threads. Your poses decline in quality if anything. Stop posing.

I haven’t responded to criticism because i made a first-wave batch of 15 images(10 of which i got rid of for being poopy) which i’ve since dumped.

Might i add, When will you stop tailing me? I’ve left you alone. Goddamn.

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It does, anyone who makes HL1 HD models forgets to keep the original tone of HL1 and instead makes it all tacticool and shit

More of the B squad, fo*’**.*

you are credit to the set. homie.

Look around the section. This is your definition of Gmod and I can safely say few around here shares it.