HL:S Extra maps

This is heavy WIP.
View screenshots on this page
Extra singleplayer/multiplayer maps playable in hl:s and hldm:s.
Heavy wip so it will be detailed soon.

thanks for the dumbs, Much appreciated. Seriously though, What is dumb about it?

thread random music

You know, SP maps usually have a story to them which this map does not have. So far it looks like a bunch of rooms with random NPCs and props in them.




You don’t HAVE to post in the Map pimpage thread, you’re allowed to post a WIP thread aswell.

Yeah noobie, what the hell was that?

I lol’ed when you shot the guy that said “It seems the containment system has completely failed.”

ahh you again. What’s wrong with your bus station that you were making? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I don’t think someone will play HL1 maps because it’s a dumb idea.

Make them into hl2 then it would be better.


I think you just want to make a map and release it. BUt you are using hl1 : Source
just to have an excuse why your map is so shit, fullbright etc…


There’s aboslutely nothing wrong about using HL:S
It’s almost the same engine, same entities, same possibilities.

I think it needs more detail. And I agree. A better storyline.

It is just rooms at the minute, It’s a start and the lighting will be done soon, I’m getting the basics done first. “Heavy WIP” doesn’t mean anything these days…
Also, Black mesa in half life 2 wouldn’t exactly work so well, It’s not got the same feeling.

I was just saying what should be added…

I was mainly responding to this

Not just you, And i didn’t mean that in an ass way.


I advised you to add a story and some lighting into the map
You just seem to be too defensive to take advice, which is why your bus station thread went to shit.

Why am i defensive, I haven’t screamed at you, I’ve taken them into idea and i’m doing them when i’ve got the basics sorted.

You called me a git when I was just trying to help you :argh:

Well stop being so aggresive about lighting!

Why? It makes or breaks a map.

For christ sake, Shut up about lighting. If you love lighting go make a map covered in it, Lighting will be added soon. End of lighting story.
I need some ideas of what to put round here.

Needs detail and of course lighting. Really shouldn’t be shown without even basic lighting. But as you have, lighting should be your first priority, followed by detail and some sort of flow.

Make a nice lamps :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Well too bad you always reply badly to suggestions :stuck_out_tongue: