HL survivor engineers

Decided to finally release the fixed up female combine engineers from HL:survivor. Added some quick and dirty normals, better vmts, improved rigging and phys, more skinoptions as well as a stripped down version.

Considering they’re on the valve biped, it ought to be easy for anyone to turn them into NPCs or playermodels if they so desire.

Currently includes - engineer, prison guard and elite skins as well as a stripped engineer. Will probably add a shotgunner and basic soldier later on after I reinstall EP2 (unless someone has those extracted and ready)

No fancy release picss since I can’t pose worth a damn, but if someone were willing…


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Will you be uploading these elsewhere so that SFM people can use them?

Great work nevertheless.

Sure, I can mirror it to mediafire if people want. Just as a note ahead - I have zilch clue what do in SFM so don’t test stuff there to see if it works or not.

process is largely the same for SFM as it is for gmod, but if you have any transparent or alphatest materials you additionally need to add $mostlyopaque into the .QC

sfm also has the added benefit of not needing a physmodel

So is the standard ep2 compiler fine, or should I use the SFM one in order to get them without problems into it?

ep2 should do the job

For now here are the same files, just on mediafire.