HL1:Beta weapons

Perhaps it is my first successful package with the weapon which I when or did. So these of the weapon from beta versions half-life 1. For a basis I took models from half-lfie 1 and from other sources. As I still have begun recently work is completely made only 2 weapons. Here perhaps спискок that I have had time to make that:

-Assasin glock
-Heavy hgrunt minigun



And others the weapon could carry these only npc (I do not know to whom as but it wasn’t pleasant to me, sometimes I even envied it) therefore has decided to make them not only for npc but also for the player.

I will remind that there IS MORE to come the weapon which here will I simply only has begun work.Release already soon I already start to finish work.

Autors and lua scripting:
and other…

P.S.Don’t judge strictly it is my first work I hope to you it will be pleasant.
P.S.S.Excuse if you have seen spelling errors I very badly I know English and it is difficult to me to understand it.

Looks like you have a good idea behind this. Hope to see how it comes out!
(PS It would be cool if you could make this with Silverlan’s SLV base script, although you would have to ask him first)

I am glad that you have estimated it. However such scripts and bases as at Silverlan too difficult for me. I have started to study not for a long time lua therefore still is weak in it. However I can tell that in this project will not only to steam of guns from hl1 beta but also to steam of additions it promises to be interesting.

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The new weapon is added:
This weapon belongs to the earliest version npc heavy human grunt:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wK6eiG2IX1A youtube link

can u release an alpha/beta of this?

can you add the new picture links at the top? that way its all in one place instead of searching through (a possibly in the future) crowded thread. but this looks pretty cool, i just wish that the player minigun had a higher polycount, it kinda hurt to see those hands

You should add all your media on one post. I like the idea, good luck on it!

15th of May, 2011. Abandon hope all yee who enter here…

unless you see a post from the OP. Last post of his was June 18th, 2011. Project’s been dead for half a year.

Too bad, coulda gone somewhere.

ah crap i didnt see the date, can anyone maybe ask for the remaining files? i think i know someone who can do something out of these