HL1 Hasmat Suit

Is it posible for someone to remake the old Half-life 1 hazmat suit cos hazmats suits are alot in my comic lately and i could sure use one and i think it would be pretty cool like i new full detaild one :smiley:

Hazmat? You mean Hazzard? Just download Half-Life Source and use the one from there.

Nope the correct term is Hazmat.
Unless there is a hazzard suit in HL1

Like an H.E.V or a N-B-C Hazardous Materials suit?


I mean the one you see the scientists in, in Opposing force

I sadly have never played Opposing Force, but I believe you’re referring to an N-B-C suit. I have a crappy placeholder that might work, but you should try Spartan117ak’s Aperture Hazmat suit.

Its the HEV suit all the scientists on xen wore them.

Oh yeah iv seen and downloaded that things it’s awesome but i’m looking for so many others too i have thew HEV helmet suit on me as well things like that With the N-B-C suit i just want a HL2 version or if thers one already out there wich i don’t think so

Oh, the Helmeted HEV suit, I see now…

That was to Richy.

Kind of (HAZMAT) suits in genral differnt kinds or differnt Orginisations and comics :smiley: and i hope they all tunr into a massive NUKE war witch will also need HASMAT suits :smiley:

Edit: but here are the ones i do have (HEV Helmet) Apeture suit…and that about it i got a new skin for the Apeture skin its gets rid of the Apeture Symbole and makes the suit white not orange but i’m also looking for someone to give him a face cos under the mask (SKIN ERROR) but i’m only looking for a face so so someone can make the Mask Transparent so you can see him :smiley:

Dude what is wrong with your vocabulary… and grammar?

I tend to type alittle too fast sometimes and screw up words and i tend to miss some keys iether not press hard enough or just too slow to get them when my hands are cold…uhh there :smiley:

What? Typing correctly is more important than typing fast.

You mean these ones?:

The Cleansuit sci’s?

Yeah those ones those are the ones i’m talking about :smiley:

Someone should do that!

May take a bit of skinning to get the “Black Mesa look”, which you can have me do if you don’t know how.

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You mean this?


fuck, just saw the thread date.