HL1 Model Porting

A while back, I was playing Slender Fortress 2 on one of Glubbable’s servers, an update to the game mode introduced the ‘‘Old School Boss Pack’’ or ‘‘Boss Pack 14’’. The pack featured mostly HL1 enemies from horror mods, one of which was the ‘‘Flesh Squid’’. In reality, it was just an up-scaled bullsquid with a different model and a human head + neck for a tail, despite it’s somewhat boring concept, I was fascinated by it, I wanted to know more about it and it’s origin. After wading through the borderline web for a while, I managed to locate Glubbable’s youtube channel (Glub is one of the co creators of SF2) and found out she posted multiple videos showcasing every new boss, including the Flesh Squid, I discovered that it was from ‘‘They Hunger’’, a pretty familiar HL1 horror mod, I managed to get the game and download the ultra definition pack for it to see it in all it’s glory. Now I ask myself and everyone reading up to this point…

“Can I port the model to GMOD?”

The answer is probably yes, you can, however can I? Someone who has had no experience with porting anything to anywhere. All I know is that it shares the same model as the bullsquid so you could (I assume) just put it in, no worries right? I’m only asking everyone now to tell me how to do this, thanks (all feedback will be replied to (hopefully)!


They Hunger Ultra Definition Pack (where the Flesh Squid originated from)

Glubs Showcase of the Flesh Squid in SF2

Decompile it using your preferred goldsrc decompiler.

Import the resulting model file and export it as a source SMD.

Create a qc to compile the model.

Convert the textures into VTF and write VMT files.

Or just pinch the SF2 model since it’s already ported to Source and I doubt anyone will care if you use it privately.

Detailed instructions can be found in the Valve Dev Wiki.

Thanks! But I have a couple of questions.
Since the model uses the same skeleton as the bullsquid, is there a way to make it a ragdoll or will it come out as one?

Also where can I take the converted model from so I can save some time ( for something :\ )?**

Regardless thanks for letting me know what to do, i’ll probably upload the model to the workshop once I figure everything out.

The TF2 download folder.

If the model already has a ragdoll in game, it will come out with a ragdoll. Otherwise you will have to create a new collision model and compile it as a ragdoll.