HL1 Models to Garrys Mod

Hey guys, my name ist Sky. Iam a 19 year old german girl and iam new in this forum. Iam not that good in english grammar but i’ll try my best :). Iam searching for help in an englisch forum because i dont like the german tutorials :D. Iam new to Modeling and Lua scripts but i can and would get into it.

Maybe you guys know the playermodels in Sven Coop, which is a mod for Half Life 1 and which is a standalone game now. So i really would like to convert the playerfiles from Sven Coop/Half life 1 to Garrys Mod. I want them as Ragdoll or NPC. I searched for already finished converted Models but i weren’t succesfull and so i want to convert them by myself. I want to convert “kate” and “madscientist”.

In my naiv thoughts i tried to copy the .mdl files into the Garrys Mod folders and tried to open the file in Game but my Game crashed. So i searched for ways how to put the models in Game correctly. I read somewhere that i had to decompile the file and i did it with a programm. The programm created “madscientist.qc”, “madscientist_reference.smd” and a folder with the animations in it. And from now on i dont know how to go on. Many Tutorials seem to work with just one file.

So can you guys explain me what i have to do?

I thank you in advance

Half Life was converted to source by valve themselves with a product called Half Life: Source, which is compatible with Garrysmod by default. You could purchase that to access the content more easily.

Thank you for your answer bigbadbarron. But the models i want to have in Garrys Mod are from Sven Coop and not from Half Life 1 itself. I guess that Valve just converted the HL 1 Models and not the Sven Coop models, too. Sven Coop have some models that dont appear in HL 1 and “kate” and “madscientist” are one of them. So i dont think, that i can get these models from Half Life: Source.

I know how to convert animated models from gldsrc, but rigging playermodels is sadly beyond me.

You should start by getting hlsource, as it will have a base for you to rig the models on. You will have to decompile the original mdl files, mdldec is one program you can use for this.
You will get several files, including smd files, which are the main files, they contain the reference model and animations.
A .qc file, which you will need to recompile later,.
The textures in .bmp format which you will have to convert before recompiling.

I recommend reading tutorials on porting gldsrc content, and start by porting some static models before moving up to playermodels.

Thank you for your answer portugalotaku. Now i know where to start and what i have to search for. :slight_smile: