HL2/Aperture RolePlay RELEASE INFO

Aperture RolePlay, How will this work?

[release]Based in the “HL” world during the reign of the combine. although this is not relivant. The city named “AIDE-PRIME” apears to be a perfect utopia to its inhabitants with advanced technology and no worries in the world. where as its actually apertures largest and most advanced human testing grounds. designed to keep the inhabitants happy while they are tested on. the controller of the city is “aIDOS” an advanced AI incharge of controlling the city. the ai is litteraly built intothe city. with his key components in the center of the city. he is maintained by a horde of soldiers scientists and other human workers for aperture. so that they can continue to build A perfect city for the inhabitants. so they are unaware of the cruel and sometimes wacky experiments used on them.[/release]

** But wait a second, becides little changes what makes this diffrent to combine ruling a city? **

[release]Well for one you dont live in fear of death. and life is much more free and fun for civilians, the game itself is less dark and dreary and more fun and giddyness. ofcourse the storyline still has a dark underline and there will be rebelion. oftain the civilians find resistance to be an act of terrorism on there way of life. so this story sort of makes the rebels out to be bad guys. and the idea is that you make it much more fun for the civilians rather than be just standing by watching people with flags have fun. plus the server will host frequent Special events[/release]

What sort of Special events?

[release]The city is filled with pipes in almost every room and control systems allow for parts of cities to be shut off. also tunnels underneath the city only accessable by HAZMAT and soldier flags to enter a closed erea of the city. then special gases. or in some cases the food and water will be tampered with. and experiments will be run on civilians. the tests can differ from pigmint in skin changes to vibrant colours. or even full bodily changes may occur. but only to be changed back. this adds a bit of fun to the RP as civilians are the most usefull and fun role to play. although sometimes hazardous gases will be released causing effects such as death. mental fragility. or blind rage opon other civilians. also canibalistic addictive substances will sometimes be inserted into food courts or restraunts. amnesiatic gas is then released to the population that have come into contact with the testing produce. to ensure the city remains safe and happy. there will also be rebel fights although the idea for rebelion is to be more secret than out right gunfights.[/release]

What do you mean by secret rebel attacks?

[release]The rebels attempt to sabotage or cause harm to the root of the problem. the computer.
attempting to break into the tunnels. stoping experiments or other means. although there will be shootouts. they are less common. but are still there. [/release]

Well seen as aperture is the main theme. will there be a portal gun

[release]No. there wont be portal guns in this city as it isnt the right testing grounds for such tools. however to keep this theme in mind. the Key tool used to lock and unlock doors will be custom and look fitting to the aperture theme. other special tools will be added. like: A sonic sleeping tool. cloaking tool. aperture weapons (pistols smgs rifles etc…) and others will be added for events that may stay. but the best for last we are giving rebels unique shock pistols to shutdown technology temporarily in ereas. so they work as stunguns to aperture weapons (has a long cooldown and does little damage. but slows units) and for the soldier and HAZMAT units a gas gun spraying the Area with a toxic gas. (this can have a random effect. sometimes it causes unit to sleep or can make them stronger and more healed.) both guns have a random chance of breaking ontill respawn.[/release]

more information including the release date will come soon.
we will release images of the map and script mid march.
the storyline will be published on our website.
normal rp rules still apply.
Please dont Troll.
oppinions welcome!

Sounds Great…

Webpage address?

I like the ideas of the gas gun and shock ray, but before you mentioned smgs and pistols, try and avoid getting into the trap of where they have advanced technology but use primitive weapons. Invent new unique weapons for every gun like some kind of stun ray or the guns have weird bullets or they shoot sounds or blast air or anything like that.

Well. you have to understand. smgs will be custom ofcourse but they will still be smgs. and such. look to halo advanced weaponary still smgs snipers and pistols. the weapons will have nicer more aperture sounds.


im glad you like it. we are creating the website right now.

if you are or know any good mappers we would be very pleased to add you to our team as we think it will run faster if we have a few mappers.

Not a good mapper…

Just a good organizer, good at managing and maintencing forums / webpages xD

Add me on steam at Nefertia1122 got some idea’s and stuff to talk about (:

Holy flying cows this sounds epic. I’d like to play the role of a Aperture worker, what gamemode will this be used in?

I think it would be cool to have a sort of Corporation that lives here under the protection of the AI and shit. Like a private research company or some sorts.

Better to stay Canon, in my opinion.

As of now the script is being tested in a customised cakescript but this isnt perminant. also if your wondering the flags are much easyer to obtain. becuase they dont have much power. so most likely you will get the aperture employee flag

This isn’t really canon… lol.

Make it so you have to apply for a aperture flag.

Also don’t have 3495634908 flags so it’s like a fancy DarkRP.

What map will you be using?


Well,as close as possible.

I believe we are designing a custom map… but are using a premade until its done? Don’t know.

Oh are you working with him?

well we only have about 8-9 flags. this is for variation. some will only be used for events.
i have a mapper but i nead more mappers. the maps plans are all made just neads to be created we nead a few good mappers though. our beta will be opening late next week. we wil just be playing on city_8 for the tests.


The webpage should be up by the end of the weekend, we’ll see how development goes.

Stop talking in bold.

Don’t use city_8, also I can map a little, I’ll help you with Lua though, I’m quite extensive.


Purchased or sub-domain?


What’s the domain called?

Havn’t purchased it yet, will later today.

Havn’t decided on the name yet.

http://aperture-labs.com/ is a good one.