HL2 based games in GTKradiant


I have found on google that the newest version of GTKRadiant (1.5.0) supports HL2 based games like HL2, HL2DM, CSS. GMOD etc.

Unfortunately this was all I could find. I haven’t find anything if someone actually managed to get this to work, so i’m opening this topic here in the hope someone here has actually managed to get these games working in 1.5.0.

I would like to map for hl2, but have only mapped in GTKRadiant 1.4.0 for years, so i’m very unexperienced with Hammer and think I have a good head start with mapping for these kind of games when it is supported in GTKRadiant.

If anyone here has got this to work your reply would be highly appreciated!

GTKRadient and Hammer are so alike it’s unreal. The only main difference I can see is that Caulk in Nodraw (and they do the exact same thing).

No, it’s Source.

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That was terrible, I’m sorry.

It was an admirable attempt :v:

The entire interface is different and the way to select brushes and apply textures to them is entirely different. I’ve been working with GTKRadiant for over 6 years so it’s all become automatic. When I work with Hammer I always lose my brushes when clicking somewhere what wasn’t the problem with GTKradiant.

Is there any way to export a .map file from GTKRadiant 1.4.0 to Hammer Editor?

I’ve build the basic geometry in GTKRadiant so the only thing left to do is add HL2 entities, which could be easier with Hammer ofcourse…

Did you already try to simply open the .map file in Hammer? Just change the file format to “Wolrdcraft Maps (.map)” in Hammer’s Open file dialog.

It gives me the following error:

Blockarray< 0, 0 > - invalid block index.

Also CTRL-C -> CTRL-V doesn’t do much either :frowning:

GTKRadiant has an import option, and Hammer has an export function. Unfortunately for me I need those the other way around


Any advice on this will be highly appreciated. I got almost everything done in GTKradiant only thing left to do is convert it to hammer

I think it’s meant for importation of maps from hammer, and not vice versa. It’s more so for people to port their deathmatch maps and such I expect.

I think you’d be better off to get used to the hammer interface. If you run into problems with hammer, its likely that more people on any source forum can help you out more easily.

GTKRadiant for HL2 mapping? Why not even use QuArK(Quake Army Knife)?