HL2 based RP on DarkRP, WIP. Feedback?

Note that this is infact just a DarkRP modification, not a whole gamemode on its own. But it is a quite big one regarding things like gameplay changes.
Also, this is more unfinished than HL3.

Hey, I am working on a HL2 themed Roleplay based on DarkRP. The thing is: It’s gonna be serious.
Now you might be asking yourself: “Yo dawg DarkRP is stoopid and non serious and lil kiddos play it blah blah…”. If this is the case then see the changes I did, below, I will show basic things which can make this serious. At least I think so.

So, I started this more as training, trying out GMod lua etc. I kept adding stuff whenever I felt like it, and now I think, its time to think about either:
Option A: Scrapping this and moving on
Option B: Keep adding stuff and MAYBE finding someone who will actually run this on a server (Yea I kinda can’t afford a server atm)
So this is where I need suggestions, if the whitelist system etc. could work out, if I should add certain things, and, ofc, if I should keep improving this and keep adding onto it.
Btw, it is HUGELY influenced by HL2RP, as it resembles basically a more accessable version of HL2RP on DarkRp base.


General changes I made: (Ps, I edited core files. No way around that sadly. I will try to make it completely modular.)

  • Players only spawn with keys and fists (I will script an inventory addon when i have time and the know-how)
    -Not toolgun/physgun. This is RP,not building.

  • HUD completely replaced, realistic HUD, custom HUD for CP jobs (a LOT of stuff is still mssing)

  • no voice chat, it ruins RP

  • LOOC ("/looc"; “/local”; “/.” :wink:

  • Turned “Advert” into “Overwatch AI voice”, only usable by high ranked CP units (e.g. to initiate a ration cycle)

  • Added SWEP “Combinekeys”, to open combine doors

  • Made some basic SWEPS on the MadCow base, not finished though

  • Removed DarkRP Jail system, the lazy CP’s shall bring their victims to the cell themselves.

  • Removed default Stun Baton, now custom weapon, normal color, not this blue sh*t.

  • CP voice/radio command shortcuts (on F1 and F2), they play soundfiles as well as writing something in chat (e.g the “apply” button makes the CP emit the sound “Apply” and prints “Apply” into chat).

  • CP Footstep sounds

  • Whitelisting system

  • Disabled pretty much everything in the “disabled_defaults.lua”

  • RunSpeed is now WalkSpeed and SprintSpeed is now RunSpeed. No more at lightspeed running players.

  • added TCB’s stamina addon

  • HUD effects/overlays and server sound effects when hurt/out of breath. So a HUD element to display HP is (in my opinion) not needed. In reality, a civillian does not have a red bar in his peripheral vision, does he?

  • Hungermod enabled (if I add rations, there will be food in them, but the starverate is so low, it takes 2 hours to starve anyway)

  • Added clock in a corner of the hud, atm it is just the basic GMod Wiki clock code.

    “whitelist” is simply a usergroup which trusted people can be set to. Then they can join combine jobs. E.g: A player has proven to be good at RP, an admin briefs him about “How2BeCombine” and whitelists him. Now he can play the bad boyz.
    (Admins and maybe other groups can join those jobs too)

Jobs I added:

  • Citizens (of course, duh)
  • Administrator (Do you know a good custom administrator model?)
  • OWS and EOW, also an OWS officer with the combine shotgunner model
  • Pretty much the HL2RP Jobs (Combine RCT, UNION, HELIX, SHIELD, Ofc, Dvl, Sec, APEX etc…), no vorts and rebels yet, I am not sure if the rebels should be a seperate job, please post what you think about it :3
  • CWU (unfinished as hell)
  • CWU Foreman (Unfinished)
  • CWU Doctor (Useless or not)

-Only VERY unfinished things so far.

-Same as entities.


Combine HUD normal:


(Note: It was inspied by this hud, only that my version doesn’t even come CLOSE to being this sexy (still WIP though): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJ1fdKakZgA)


Combine HUD when critically damaged:


The general color scheme:


Now here is a sporadic To-Do list: (Will be added onto probably)

// //
// //

Note: Not all of this will be done, and maybe there will be stuff which
Is not listed here.
Very important stuff is marked with an (!), and thintgs im not sure
about with (?). Feedback would be greatz. Thanks :3


  -Rebels (!)
  -Missing Chat Commands
  -Citizen Rations(!!!) --Only way for Cit's to get dem tokens. 
  -Inventory(!) (I could use a hand with that.)
  -//DONE// Adding "whitelisted" Usergroup  
  -Improving / Adding to the HUD
  -Removing the JobNPC thingy because it sucks big time (?)
  -Vorts, Antlions, ZawmBRAAAAINS(?)
  -Scanners(?, maybe with the HL2 Pill Pack Addon?)
  -Citizen Tieing(?)
  -RPNameForcePanelThingyStuff (To prevent fucky RP names)
  -RPNameRestriction (Restriction of many stupid names.)

2: Less Important:

  -Making the Code less cluster-f*cky
  -Making the Code less cluster-f*cky
  -Also, making the code less cluster-f*cky and removing the useless functions and stuffs
  -Making the code less cluster-f*cky, maybe?
  -Flashlight Module or SWEP or Something so not every dude can use the flashlight.
  -Combine chatter bleeps when combine talking
  -Disable playermodel coloring (Gotta find a thread explaining how to do that, if you have one just post it. Thanks)
  -Renewing the F4-Menu (can wait for now)
  -Moving the edited default code into modules (Not the easiest due to the nature of darkrp and its function-stuff, im working on it, some things do not work when in modules atm)
  -Making a "Content" addon with only the needed files from addons, so you do not have to download useless files, but there is not much to download atm anyway
  -Maybe make it so you don't have to use FastDL for some files?
  -Play HOI3 (Best game evaaar)
  -Remove those 2 little errors regarded to the HUD when joining, although the module is working smooth.
  -Maybe a "Citizen Pad" (or how it is called), like in HL2RP, where you have "Citizen Files" as CP
  -View-Sway (?)
  -HUD-Lag? (Need help with that maybe)
  -Custom WeaponSelect Bar (?)
  -New Scoreboard
  -Quiz when you first join (?)


Alright, that’s it. I will maybe do a full list with all changes someday. let me know what you think, if this could work out how I want to do it, and if I should keep doing this/scrap this whole thing.
I hope you like it, Suggestions would be great to. Thanks :3 (only constructive criticism please, no “Dud u suk why u not buy HL2RP from clud sixteen” or “Dis has been done a tousand times you wanker” posts.)
Btw, im german so my english isn’t the best. Sorreh D:
And I am horribly bad at using forums, and I am new here, so I apologize if I have posted this at the wrong place or did something wrong. D:

Do not use DarkRP for SeriousRP. Ever.

I think you should try nutscript or Catherine for it.
DarkRP was coded in mind with an non-serious RP.
Even modified it can’t be never an working, good, serious RP.

btw if you need help with the beginnings of NS/Cat, just hit me up in steam.

You’re late to the party.
ALG, and my old server, RG, and Bitti did this.

ALG died because it went from non-serious to serious RP. Seriously (no pun intended), Don’t use darkrp for Serious stuff. ALG went from 20-30 player counts to 5-10 after changing.

So what? Let him try it.

I’m just saying, People have tried it and HAVE failed. But good luck to you.

I don’t mean to be negative but there is a DarkRP’ed HL2RP gamemode which is called Combine Control, it’s a paid one which costs 70$ and it’s shitty and non-serious and doesn’t worth a dime. Honestly, HL2RP on DarkRP would never work. Clockwork or Nutscript is much more suitable for serious RP but good luck anyway.

I would like to give my honest opinion on the Combine HUD: It’s ok, but there’s only ONE thing that kinda bothers me, and it’s the font, it just feels… out of place.
I’m NOT meaning by any way that you should just change it, it’s just my opinion.
I think that you should try another kind of font, and maybe add a layer with blur/scanlines, only to give it a holographic look. (Well, this is something very secondary)

Good luck.

(At the end of the day, it’s your mod, you can do the F you want with it c:)

Clockwork? tbh, Catherine is a lot better then Clockwork.
The only 2 Frameworks i would recommend currently are NS 1.1 and Cat.