HL2 Beta Metrocops in Source 2

The combine grunts got kind of boring to fight, and at the beginning of Alyx we were teased with metros but they never appeared. As of today, I changed that. You can now fight Metropolice within Half-Life: Alyx. If possible I plan on porting over the model and maybe if possible port over the NPC itself. This replaces the base grunt in Alyx.

Link: Steam Workshop::HL2 Beta Metro-Police NPC

TLDR: I model swapped the grunt with a custom-made HL2 Beta Metrocop.



Damn, those are some nice looking screenshots. I appreciate some good effort going into example/display images. I’ll <3 this thread when mine recharge.

Thanks! Making some “product” renders go a long way and certainly charm people.

I agree, they totally do help more than people would think!

looks like hl2rp’s back on the menu boys

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Even with the release of Half-Life: Alyx, the atmosphere and content of Half-Life 2 will always be the best for me.

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Stuff like this makes me so excited for S&Box’s workshop, here’s to a good era in modding!

Wasn’t even aware you could replace models with the limited HLA tools at this point after Valve abandoned it, nice work.

These look awesome! Can’t wait to fight these guys