HL2 Beta model pack?

I found this thread while searching for hl2 beta props for gmod, it looks amazing, but sadly the file is not up for download. (Thread: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/818144-Beta-Leak-RTB-Model-Pack?highlight=hl2+leak+models)

Does anyone know of a beta models pack with about the same amount of models as this one had?
(leak models, RTB concepts, Leak Remakes, ect)

if there are none like this already, is anyone willing to try to make a similar pack?


I wish I had that pack also, shame it was removed. So, I SUPPORT.

anyone know of any?

You mean something like this?

Looks like you guys didn’t search much. They were in the first five links I found with google.

Speaking of Beta, I dare someone to port the missle turret thingy.

Wasn’t my request so I assumed the OP would be intelligent enough to search thoroughly before requesting.

yes, i have seen those, they really were not as complete as the pack in the other thread, i was hoping to find a larger, more complete pack. most of the other models in those packs are ripped from missing information which i already have.

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those packs did not have the ones i was really looking for, those did not have even half of the large pack, i was looking for hexed versions of the zombies, citazens, charactors, ect. most of the models i those packs arent hexed, and i have no idea how to do that, and no, i am not asking for a tutorial