HL2 Beta [Requesting WC Mappack]

As the thread title is there anyone here that has the actual mappack of vmf’s? Ive been looking everywhere on the internet for it and cant find it, can you guys help me?

You can download it from some sketchy russian website I think.

Google “Download hl2 beta” and look for the link that ends with .ru probably going to want to do it with chrome so you can translate the website.

Seriously? Second result for “wc mappack” on google: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1161916

Yeah I know what site youre talking about but that shit went 404 flatlined months ago

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All of these links yall giving me are 404’s what the hell, cmon you can do better than that

Um no it didn’t http://hl2-beta.ru/ Theres a bit on the right to put it in english

On the download’s bit it may say “Only registers users can download etc…” just press “Ok” and it’ll download anyway

If it didn’t work I can upload it. I have it somewhere.

Please do, I want to revive this as much as I can



I love you.

Also, for the record, download Missing Information.

It helps with a TON of models and textures.


Thank you I will try that