HL2 Beta style DOG reskin

I was browsing through the Half Life wikia and come upon a little gem, the textures for the Beta version of DOG. So, anyone think they could reskin him with these textures:

And just so I don’t get the “No Reference Images” comment…

Dude,read the rules.Your not allowed to request anything from the hl(2) beta!

According to the Wikia page, they are Fair Use images.

Holy shit, I forgot they host alot of beta materials there.
I might try this out.
hopefully they didn’t change the UV.


Fucking hell, they did change the UV.

So is that a “I’ll see what I can do”?

It’s a “I tried, and found that the texture you gave won’t work due changes in the UV”

Just remap the UV.

You missed the fact that I am a lazy bastard.

Funny thing though, I already had those materials in my materials folder :v:

That IS funny.

Of course, an easier way to do it would just be to mess with the colors of the original and copy+paste a couple pieces in photoshop. Sure, it’s still SOME effort, but it be considerably easier than remapping the whole thing.

lolwut ^ lolwut

I did try that, it looked like ass.

I like the final dog more

As do I, but having a “new” take on a familiar model makes things interesting.
Like this reskin of the Vorts:

I mean, I still prefer the color scheme of the original, but this is still interesting.

Like the Citizen attire, there are some great reskins out there, but my personal favorites are the high quality version of the classic.