The default blood particle textures (that appear after shooting/hitting an NPC) have been replaced by TF2 blood “splatter.” Also, the explosion textures have been replaced by what I imagine (not totally sure) the HL: Source textures. I’ve checked the console, and every time I start a game it says it cannot find the explosion or blood textures. I use no blood or explosion changing add-ons. I’ve tried all of the following:

-Verifying cache files of all games associated with Garry’s Mod (including GMod itself)
-Reinstalling GMod
-Reinstalling TF2
-Reinstalling all of the Half-Life Series
-Screaming at my computer XD

I’ve been at trying to fix it now for 2 MONTHS and haven’t made a bit of progress…HELP!

Do you have HL2 and CS:S both mounted correctly?

@YourStalker Yes I do. I checked them in the little box with the controller on the main menu screen.

Unmount the games that override default files. Should fix it.

That doesn’t solve the problem. I WANT TO KEEP all of my games mounted, which I have had for years. JUST RECENTLY have the explosion and blood textures started acting up.