hl2 ceiling collapse help

In hl2 right before ravenholm the ceiling collapses in between you and alex. I want to add this to one of my maps. but not sure exactly how they did it. does anybody know where i can find a tutorial on it. or know how. i cant find it on halfwit-2 or interlopers. And google has been no help

func_breakable tied to a trigger_once.

Or, a prop_dynamic tied to trigger_once, where the prop model (s) are that of the boards you want to break.

the stuff breaking isnt a problem. but when the ceiling colap’s it spawns a buch of ruble thats blocks off the path.

Oh that.

Its either an animated model, physics that are then frozen in place, or a series of models that are parented to a func_movelinear and dropped through the ceiling.

alright thanks. ill fiddle around with thoughs