HL2 citizens in medieval style clothing.

Hello, now before I start, I’ve never requested models before, so don’t judge me.

I’ve been working on a OpenAura schema, and I need player models of the HL2 citizens in medieval style clothing. It would be great if you rigged them too. Here is a list of the player models I need:
Peasants - All HL2 citizens in rags etc. - NOT DONE.
Bandits - HL2 citizens in rags and a hooded cape. - NOT DONE.
Guards - HL2 citizens in chainmail armour and a helmet that doesn’t cover the face. - NOT DONE.
Knights - Only one model is needed for this job, I don’t think you need much of a description for this one. The helmet shouldn’t reveal the face at all. - Fourth model in the picture needs to be re-rigged and made suitable for a player model.
Prince/Princess - Peasants but in cleaner clothing. Nothing too bright. - NOT DONE.
King/Queen - HL2 citizens but in red robes trimmed with silk and a crown. - NOT DONE.

I am willing to pay for these models if required, but my budget is limited, and I don’t expect anyone to take all of these at once and make them. If anyone does consider making these, even if it is just one of the jobs, thank you so very much.

  • NightmareX91

You could get someone to re-rig these.

That’ll be the knight model done, almost. The fourth model in the picture seems suitable.

EDIT: Had a look at the models in object viewer. I don’t think they’d work well as the head and arms are split into bodygroups.

That can be fixed

I guess. Thanks for pointing that pack out :smiley: