HL2 Clean Walls question

Hey, Facepunch. I just started mapping recently and I came across a bit of trouble. I know the block tool makes blocks of, well blocks, but I can’t seem to make it thin enough to what I want. I’m talking about walls similar to those in the apartment chase scene in the beginning of HL2.

Pics if you need em:



As you can also see, the wall should be able to have doors on it, and various other ents if needed.

Also, tell me how many times this question has been asked. Thanks in advance.

Press { and } To raise and lower the grid size.

Post in the question mega thread next time.

Gotcha, and thanks.

or you could use the - and + buttons on the top

Thats almost the difference between using tools/transform to just drag and scale it.

Ok people. Problem solved, so move along.