HL2 - Compiled (BSP Format) WC Mappack?

Hi guys,

Well, this is my first thread post (and first post overall) on this great forum, and please - admins, moderators - move this to the right section when this thread is in the wrong section.
The Half-Life series from Valve is one of the greatest games in it’s genre. The detail in the world and gameplay are fantastic. But now, i’ve read somewhere there is something as a WC Mappack for Half-Life 2, with, i believe, every single beta- demo- E3- and test maps in the pack. I do know most of the downloadable maps are VMF files, which Half-Life 2 can’t read. I have read i need to compile these VMFs to get the in-game playable BSP file. Now i am not a map maker, i am a total noob in making modifications for any game. So now my question: Does anyone have the WC Mappack for Half-Life 2 in the BSP (compiled) format? It will be greatly appreciated!

Ask garrysmod.org, Missing Information (HL2 Beta mod, but comes with the maps), its team n’ shit or ask a pro mapper to attempt to “improve” the maps

And who exactly is a pro mapper for HL2 and Gmod? I know something called Leons Compiled Pack, which has all these maps in BSP format if i’m right. Unfortunately the links to the Rapidshare downloads in this forum are all down! Does anyone know any mirror to the pack?

Okay, i’ve read i can compile the VMF files in the Hammer program, but every time i want to open a map in Hammer, the program crashes. Any advices?

Either corrupt or some invalid properties of .vmf. I have the WC mappack burned on dvd somewhere. I can tell that the maps are HIGHLY inconclusive. Even changelevel func isnt implemented and MANY bullshit like “prop_physics” was “physics_prop” then.

I got the maps via some other Rapidshare mirrors now, all in BSP format. Unfortunately i can’t load any of the maps, because every single one of them has the same error when i try to load them. When i double click any of the maps i want to play, i get the following error in the console:

CModelLoader::Map_IsValid: Map ‘maps/map_name.bsp’ bsp version 18, expecting 20
map load failed: map_name not found or invalid

I don’t have all the maps in the map folder at the same time, just 2 to 3 of the maps from the pack. But every map gives this error. Any advices?

Because only the beta can play version 18 bsp’s. If you want to play them you would need the beta.

Okay, thanks!