HL2 crossbow

the GMOD crossbow isn’t like HL2 crossbow, the HL2 crossbow bind NPCs on the wall and this is very funny, is there an crossbow to GMOD that make this? or if ins’t can domebody make it?


sorry for my english =/ … I’m brazilian

The gmod crossbow is exactly like the hl2 crossbow.

Not quite. The GMod one is much less likely to pin things to walls.

I’m guessing there’s a console command to edit that.

Open the console, tpye in “sk” and scroll through the commands until you find one that sound relevant.

I think there was a command weapon_crossbow_stickybolt set it to 1 and it tries and sticks to anything I think

Thats as close as you’re gonna get to the “pinning” effect.
Unfortunately, that weapon doesn’t hurt EVERY npc, Kliner is impervious to it…

What pyro said, the gmod crossbow isn’t gonna stick to everything